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Teach For America
01:09 | 1280x720
We live by our values, and we will stand with the most vulnerable students.
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1. Copy Facebook Video Url: Right click on video -> Show video URL -> Copy Url
2. Paste Facebook Video Url and click Download
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NBC10 Philadelphia
4 hours 36 minutes ago
22:22 | 504x504
Grab your ☔ ... you might need it as you head out the door this morning. #firstalertweather #nbc10 #behindthescenes

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Servus Hockey Night - EBEL
00:14 | 1280x720
D'Aversa muss einstecken, Marchetti kassiert 2+10. Chance für Linz!

D'Aversa muss einstecken, Marchetti kassiert 2+10. Chance für ...

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Teach For America
01:09 | 1280x720
We live by our values, and we will stand with the most vulnerable students.

We Live By Our Values

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240:00 | 1920x1080
This cam is focused on a colony of dozens of Vampire Bats in an enclosure at Organization for Bat Conservation. While these little creatures have always been the center of many scary stories, worry not! Vampire Bats rarely feed on humans: they prefer cows, goats and chickens. Watch live as they eat, sleep, and just hang out. Learn about these nocturnal creatures from lead scientists and how...
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Vampire Bats

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FOX 29
today at 01:25
02:36 | 640x360
Police say eight people were shot at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Florida as an MLK Day parade and celebrations were being held. Video from the scene shows people scattering from the area as shots were heard. (WARNING: This video contains some graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.)

STORY: [ Link ]

Police: 8 people shot at MLK park in Florida

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Cal Crutchlow
00:15 | 1280x720
Stunning victory at the Island GP for Cal Crutchlow and his squad #AustralianGP #MotoGP

LCR Honda Team

Crutchlow' second career victory

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00:57 | 1280x720
USO volunteer Judith Griffin talks about the little things she does around the USO San Diego Neil Ash Center at San Diego International Airport that make a huge difference for service members and their families. #USOroute75

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Jasmine Sandlas
today at 09:59
00:19 | 400x400
Thank you Jassie Gill for the love.
Ethe pa deyo tusi kabootran di awaz.
#laddu coming soon

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yesterday at 23:15
01:12 | 1280x720
What did The Gay Men Channel think of the Golden Globes and that Meryl Streep speech? Find out in a new #GayforJustin [ Link ]

Gay Men Channel

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Lidl Ireland
yesterday at 09:00
00:19 | 800x800
Ever concerned about portion size, and if you're piling too much onto your plate? We've provided you with a guide for the right meal size.

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01:05 | 1024x576
أفلام عشقها الجمهور في 2016

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Coronation Street
today at 07:30
04:03 | 1280x720
Ahead of his nomination for Best Serial Drama Performance at The National Television Awards, Part 2 of our chat with Jack P Shepherd as he discusses the craft behind some of his most dramatic scenes on the cobbles. #Corrie

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00:34 | 378x213
This is what the walk to the arena looks like in Cleveland this week at the GOP Convention. A whole lot of protestors, and a whole lot of Police Officers doing their job to keep the peace. Check it out in exclusive 360 video.

360 in Cleveland

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Paramount Pictures
yesterday at 22:00
00:46 | 1280x720
Yes... Xander Cage (Vin Diesel) really just did that! xXx: Return of Xander Cage is in cinemas THIS THURSDAY!

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Giang Popper
yesterday at 12:12
01:09 | 1280x720
[Ad] Đôi tình nhân trẻ bị 1 số người kéo đến nhà gây gổ, nguyên nhân hóng được tạm thời là do cô gái này đã post ảnh của một chị lên facebook bêu rếu , đến khi người ta yêu cầu xóa đi thì ko xóa ...để rồi giờ phải trả giá cho việc làm của mình

Thế nhưng may, vẫn còn người bạn trai cô gái đó che chở ,dù không biết trong đầu anh ta đang nghĩ gì ,nhưng gặp vào...
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BNZ Crusaders
01/12/2017 at 22:46
00:20 | 1280x720
We are happy to announce that Richie Mo'unga has re-committed to the team until 2019! Earlier this morning Richie and coach Brad Mooar chatted to the media about his re-signing and how the 2017 Investec Super Rugby preseason is going. Visit for the full video #crusadeon

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West Edmonton Mall
03:29 | 360x642
UPDATE: Thank you for watching our live feed! The lucky winner was Shane F. from Sturgeon County, AB with YELLOW Ticket #024075!


We are LIVE at the draw for the beautiful 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP700-4! Will you be the lucky winner?

The Big Draw for the 2015 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster LP700-4!

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00:32 | 400x400

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Adelgaza 20
00:35 | 1080x1080
Quieres adelgazar y no sabes cómo comenzar?
Aquí lo tienes Mi libro nuevo Ponte en Forma Cocinando con Ingrid Macher - [ Link ]

120 recetas para el desayuno, el almuerzo, la comida, meriendas y hasta postres.
Recetas que te ayudan a quemar grasa mientras cocinas sabroso.
Aquí lo tienes el libro que me estabas pidiendo una recopilación de mis mejores platillos para hacer uno...
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